DegenPunks NFT (testnet)

Pixel-art collection featuring one-of-a-kind characters, algorithmically generated as non-fungible tokens (NFTs, TEP-62 standard) on the TON Blockchain. A total of 1,111 DegenPunks tokens will be minted, each with its own unique attributes and rarity.

100 / 1,111 NFT25% MINTED

About us

Step into the inception of our collective journey! Here, we embark on a voyage through the intricate landscapes of privacy, anonymity, and the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies.

Guided by the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the Cypherpunk Manifesto penned by Eric Hughes and the visionary ideals outlined in John Perry Barlow's Declaration of Independence of Cyberspace, we stand resolute in our commitment to safeguarding digital liberties.

In unity, let us forge ahead, unwavering in our pursuit of progress and enlightenment. Onward, together!

Roadmap 2024

  1. Get access to over 20+ pages including a dashboard layout, charts, kanban board, calendar, and pre-order E-commerce & Marketing pages.

  2. All of the pages and components are first designed in Figma and we keep a parity between the two versions even as we update the project.

  3. Get started with dozens of web components and interactive elements built on top of Tailwind CSS.